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      LuLu's Consignment



      If you love LuLu's Consignment please share it & vote for us best store (used&vintage) & best furniture (used) in WNC!  

      You do not have to fill out every category to vote for us! (even though we encourage sharing your favorites!) Go to the retail section of the poll & type Lulu's Consignment Boutique in both the best store (used&vintage) & best furniture (used). 


      THANK YOU ! 

      TIME to clean, organize, & get ready to sell!

      TIME to clean, organize, & get ready to sell!

      If you are able, staying home is encouraged in order to keep yourself and your community safe. However, staying locked inside can take a toll on your mental wellbeing. Take heart—we have a plan to make you feel lighter, to give you a sense of productiveness, and to earn you a little money, too!

      It's time to go through that garage, guest room, or spare closet that’s been on the project list for a few years. Cleaning things out that you've been holding on to for far too long can not only relive stress but can also create a new, clean environment that will encourage productivity.

      Time to clear out, sell, and make money, which you can spend on new items to wear on that vacation we know you’re planning!


      Here are some steps to our consignment success! 

      •  Have your items ready for the sales floor.

      This means: clean, folded, less than 3 years old (unless vintage), checked our brand list (read here brands that sell well) (read here brands we don't take), buttons & zippers checked, and seasonally appropriate (we will be accepting spring/summer when we reopen!). 

      • Make sure all decor, baby equipment, & toys are cleaned & dusted. 
      • We will be planning furniture pick-ups as soon as we reopen. have your items cleaned & photos taken to be sent to our furniture number (828) 551-1538. 
      • Lamps must have a lightbulb, & items that require batteries must have working batteries 

      CLICK HERE to read our full guide on consignment policies! 

      Our intake is currently on a pause, we will keep this site updated when we are able to re-open. In the meantime sort and save your awesome items for us!

      Since its opening, LuLu's has been able to create a local economy by providing a space for anyone to sell their items while providing many living wage jobs w/benefits. We are thankful to employ a local staff of 29 that is considered a part of our family.

      We currently are working to benefit Meals on Wheels of Henderson County & several school clothing closets. We have also been glad to help Empowering, Inc in Hendersonville. 
      Currently, LuLu's weekly donations directly result in immediate needs of more than 300 meals on wheels served in Henderson County.

      If you're able to support us during this time, please consider buying a gift card from us (link to purchase) that can be used online or in store, purchasing items from our website, or sharing us with friends & loved ones you know would love us as well! 

      Heres a link to all the ways you can help a small business like us during this time. 

      We are still working & uploading items & processing every day!
      Love comes in many forms, not just monetary, we would love to hear some positive vibes as we continue to work thru this together as a community ~Love to you all! 

      ~ LuLu's Consignment Family 

      (If you have any questions feel free to contact us here.)