3699 Hendersonville Rd, Fletcher NC 28704 (828) 687-7565 OPEN TUES-SAT 11AM-5PM
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      *UPDATE* no consignor drop off's accepted until Sat 9/12/20 when we start WINTER

      Please watch our contactless drop video on the home page prior to arrival.  Consignor drop off hours are same as our store hours:

      *Please always be prepared with your own way to label your items prior to arrival include name/phone#/acc # we will not provide this for you*

      Tues+Thur 11-7pm

      Wed+Fri+Sat 11-5pm

      Please remember your items MUST be carefully sorted for perfection prior to arrival, any items you know we will not take please separate prior to arrival and mark "donate" we will give these items directly to Council on Aging that benefits Meals on Wheels, this helps us get your items directly to pricers and on our sales floor quicker, failure to carefully do this before arrival can result in account closure.

      We no longer take the brand Lularoe

      Now accepting record albums


      We ARE still taking children's items! 

      When you arrive we do expect you have carefully pre-sorted your items and they are sales floor ready. What is "sales floor ready"? You have checked that you are not bringing brands that we listed that do not sell well, everything is impeccably clean, items are less than 3 years old (unless select vintage), clothing neatly folded, zippers and buttons checked, dry cleaning tags removed, seasonally appropriate (think 6 weeks prior to be priced, then out for 60 days). If you wish to donate items to Council on Aging please separate those PRIOR to your arrival & in a separate bag, so we can put directly in the donate container. We provide an 18 gallon tote for you to leave your consignment items in (approximate size of laundry basket). 

      Please park at the back of the building (**located at 3699 Hendersonville Rd, double white french doors) You will be asked to transfer your items to our container. Click here to view our consignment terms and agreement form.



      In general, we accept items that are in excellent condition that our customers are wanting to buy.

      We base these decisions on 14 years of experience and sales trends. If you will be offended for any reason if your items are donated on your behalf, please do not plan to leave them. Below we provide extensive guidelines, but ultimately, we make the decision what goes on our sales floor. We will NOT contact you in any way other than the email containing your password. When we open an account for you, we create an electronic database just for you! As soon as one of your items is purchased, your account is automatically credited for your percentage of the sold item. LuLu’s offers online account access so you can tell what has sold and what hasn’t and check your balance 24/7. Once your account is opened you will receive an email invitation from app@consignoraccess.com to create your online account. Just open the email and follow the easy instructions.  You may come to the store and pick up your available balance any time during normal business hours. We prefer to pay you in person, but you can email or call 828-687-7565 to request a check be sent for a $1 fee.

      Limit of 10 per drop off on books, kids dvds, shoes, jewelry


        What merchandise will be accepted and how it will be priced is determined at our sole discretion.

        Items we are unable to accept are automatically donated to Council on Aging which benefits our local Meals on Wheels. 

        Click here to read more about our donation centers. 

        Follow the guidelines below to become a LuLu’s Consignor:

        CLICK to see 2020 seasonal drop off guidelines.

          Click here to read brands/items that SELL WELL

          Click here to read brands that DO NOT SELL WELL

          Click here to read items we DO NOT TAKE.

          • Lularoe 

          • You will receive 40% (of the selling price) 50% for any items priced $100+ 60% for handbags priced $200+

          • Lamps must have a lightbulb, items that require batteries must have working batteries.

          • You may also bring up to 5 other large items such as décor that is too large for our tote, please label with your name.

          • When bringing items with any loose parts please make sure they are very clean & all loose parts are in a ziploc bag taped to the item.

          • We do take jewelry, please don’t bring more than 10 items, must have a resale value of at least $13 per item

          • Handbags & wallets must have a resale value of $20 each

          • Clothing must have size tags inside or you must mark with right size.

          Click here to read what do we do for 60%

          What happens to items that don’t sell?
          If you choose not to pick up items PRIOR to day 60 (you can track this on your online account) they become property of LuLu’s (shown as converted) & may eventually be donated to a local charity.

          LuLu’s Consignment Boutique

          Contact us if you have additional questions about consignment.

          (828) 687-7565 (answered during business hours)