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      We find that most items desired by our customer base sell within our consignment period of 60 days. Having this time frame allows us to discount or donate items to make way for fresh inventory often. 
      You're more then welcome to pick up any items that we have accepted on the sales floor that did not sell within the 60 day selling period. 
      Please track your items on your Consignor Access portal. If you need help accessing this online portal please email us at lulusconsignmentboutique@gmail.com or call us at 828-687-7565 
      Once logged into Consignor Access follow these simple steps 
      • Click on "items" 
      • From there you can see your items "Status" : ACTIVE-CONVERTED-SOLD 
      • Check ACTIVE items expiration date - This is the last day of your 60 day consignment period
      • Print out items you wish to retrieve from the sales floor  
      • Visit our store a few days before their expiration date to allow time to locate all items.
      • We pride ourselves in being extremely organized, however things are misplaced & moved by customers daily like every store you may visit. 
      • Our employees will not help you locate your items. They will point you in the right direction of where these items might be but in the end these items are your individual items and only you know what they look like. 
      • If possible come to pick up your items Tuesday-Thursday, these are our slower days. 
      • Once you locate your items please bring them to the front counter so our employees can remove the tickets and mark them as returned on your account. 
      • If you are trying to pick up seasonal specific items please email customer service at lulusconsignmentboutique@gmail.com or let an associate know so they can locate them in storage. They are pulled from the sales floor following a holiday. 

      If you have any specific questions regarding specific items on your account feel free to email us at lulusconsignmentboutique@gmail.com or call us at 828-687-7565