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      Want to become a consignor with us? 

      1. Email us at lulusconsignmentboutique@gmail.com 

      Please include your full name and email address

      (Please allow 24-48 hours during regular business hours for a response). 

      Read through our consignor contract which can also be found here. 

      Once your account is opened you will receive an email invitation from app@consignoraccess.com to create your online account. We will NOT contact you in any way other than the email containing your password.

      Please ALWAYS check your consignor access home page and our website for any changes we feel necessary to make, thank you for your understanding.

      2. Watch our CONTACTLESS DROP VIDEO on the bottom of this page.

      Please remember that we are PERMANENTLY operating in a contact-less environment in our intake and we ask that you always come prepared with your own pen/paper to mark your items that include your full name, phone number, and consignor #.

      3. Currently we are only accepting drops during 15th-19th of December, we are accepting WINTER items and Valentines day items.

      4. Read through our drop off guidelines by clicking here.

      LuLu's Consignment is not a thrift store or drop off location. If you would like us to donate something on your behalf it must be separated PRIOR to your arrival so it can go directly into our donate bin. Items must be carefully sorted and READY to go directly to our sales floor prior to arrival. 

      What merchandise will be accepted and how it will be priced is determined at our sole discretion.

      Items we are unable to accept are automatically donated to Council on Aging which benefits our local Meals on Wheels. (click here to read about our donation centers)

      5. When you have completed all previous steps and are planning to come drop off during DEC 15th-19th during the hours of:

      Tuesday & Thursday 11am-7pm 

      Friday & Saturday 11am-5pm

      Go to our DROP OFF LOCATION: Back of the building at the double white french doors. Please park in the spots located around the door, not in front of the door. Since this process is contact-less please call us with any specific questions not addressed on this site prior to your arrival. We will have our empty totes outside (inside the door if raining) up to an 18 gallon size for your use (approximate size of a laundry basket). ONLY ONE TOTE IS accepted per consignor. 

      If you have any specific questions not addressed on this site, please call the store prior to arrival or email us.