3699 Hendersonville Rd, Fletcher NC 28732 (828) 687-7565 OPEN TUES-SAT 11AM-5PM
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      Items MUST be in great condition, freshly laundered, folded & READY for the sales floor, remember, we are not a sorting service and expect you to carefully sort items before bringing.

      *Please be aware if your items have PET HAIR or SMOKE ODOR on them they will be immediately donated.*

      *We do not accept items in trash bags OR on hangers* 

      Items we DO NOT TAKE

      lava lamps

      craft items (unless kids)                                                    rollerblades/rollerskates                                                                         

      figurines (unless willow tree or precious moments)

      jewelry with a resale value under $13
      men’s or women’s golf clubs
      mattresses (unless perfect and being sold with a piece of furniture)
      punch bowl sets
      collectible dolls
      collectible plates
      flat screen TVs unless they have the base and remote (2 yrs old or less)
      older silverware in boxes or silver-plated items
      china (possibly will accept vintage if pre-approved)
      cherry dining sets
      large entertainment armoires
      glass top tables (unless patio)
      old sewing machines/stands
      gps/navigation (devices unless 1 yr old or less)
      exercise equipment
      fake/faux counterfeit items will NEVER be accepted or sold at this store.
      real fur items
      knives (unless NEW in packaging)
      breast pumps
      formal dresses/prom dresses
      clothing with pleats (unless boys pants)
      clothing over 2 yrs old even if NEW with tags
      underwear or socks unless new
      pleated or high-waisted women’s pants
      men’s dress shoes
      men’s or women’s suits/blazers or business clothing/dress pants/ties
      lingerie, unless new
      scuffed/worn/dirty shoes
      items worth less than $5 (excluding books)
      dirty or stained items
      items that have any odor, including smoke
      lava lamps
      silver or silver-plated items/gold-plated items
      CDs,VHS Tapes, DVDS-unless kids