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      Wondering how our consignment process works? 

      LuLu's Consignment Boutique is not a thrift store, we represent thousands of consignors and their amazing items. 

      We do not pay you outright for your items. You will receive 40% (of the selling price) 50% for any items priced $100+ 60% for handbags priced $300+, once the item sells. 

      Items we are unable to accept are automatically donated to Council on Aging which benefits our local Meals on Wheels.

      Once you bring in your consignment items (during our drop off period) they will be moved to our storage. Processing time for items currently is approximately 6 weeks (depending on the number of drops already ahead of you). This is an unusual long processing time due to our pandemic closure. The 60 day selling period does not start until your items are on our sales floor. All current processing times are posted on the consignor access dashboard for our consignors.

      Your items have 60 days to sell (this countdown starts the day we put your item on the sales floor). Any unsold items you would like to claim from the sales floor must be done prior to your 60 day end date. Any item left after the 60 days will become property of LuLu's Consignment. 

      As soon as one of your items is purchased, your account is automatically credited for your percentage of the sold item. LuLu’s offers online account access so you can tell what has sold and what is unsold. You may come to the store and pick up your available balance any time during normal business hours. 

      Furniture consignment has a different process. Click here to read more. 

      If you would like to become a consignor with us click here.