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      What is “sales floor ready?”

      You have checked that you are not bringing brands that we listed that do not sell well, everything is impeccably clean, items are less than 3 years old (unless select vintage), clothing neatly folded, zippers and buttons checked, dry cleaning tags removed, seasonally appropriate.

      Do you take children's items? 

      YES! However we have a limit of 10 kid books and dvds per drop. When bringing toys  with any loose parts please make sure they are very clean & all loose parts are in a ziploc bag taped to the item.

      What about baby equipment? 

      YES! However prior to bringing must be cleaned, checked for recalls and put together. This means strollers, packnplays, and cribs must all be put together. If you have question about a particular item feel free to email lulusconsignmentboutique@gmail.com

      Should I bring my items on hangers? 

      NO! Please neatly fold freshly washed clothing. 

      How do I get paid for my items?

      You may come to the store and pick up your available balance any time during normal business hours. We prefer to pay you in person, but you can call 828-687-7565 to request a check be sent for a $1 fee.

      How do I see if my items have sold?

      When we open an account for you, we create an electronic database just for you! As soon as one of your items is purchased, your account is automatically credited for your percentage of the sold item. LuLu’s offers online account access so you can tell what has sold and what hasn’t and check your balance 24/7. Once your account is opened you will receive an email invitation from app@consignoraccess.com to create your online account. Just open the email and follow the easy instructions. 

      What if I can't find the access email?

      Please email our customer service team at lulusconsignmentboutique@gmail.com to have us resend the email. Make sure to include your name, account number, and correct email.

      How much do I get for my items?

      You will receive 40% (of the selling price) and 50% for any items priced $100

      You will receive 60% for handbags priced $200+

      What does converted mean?

      Your items are displayed for sale for 60 days and if not picked up by you  before the end of this time period will be automatically coverted to store property. Please pick up your unsold items before the 60 days if you would like to avoid them from being converted.